Golf Lesson Packages with a PGA Professional Golfer

golf lessons at Mansion Ridge Golf CourseK P McCarthy is a PGA Professional Golfer & Teacher and offers private golf lessons either on a one to one basis or in a group format as well as many other golf lesson packages.

All private golf lessons cover the basic fundamentals of golf, starting with a grip, posture, and then the golf swing motion. My personal approach for teaching is that we start with putting then chipping, pitching, bunkers play and finally we end with the full golf swing. The game of golf involves 65 percent of our short game and the Putter is the club we use the most. The best players in the players in the world hit 13 out of 18 greens in a round of golf. Lastly, tour players spend about an hour on their Full Swings and close to 2 hours on their short Game.

A golf lessons can involve video taping your golf swing and posture, all golf lessons begin with fundamentals of golf, but start with the correct grip and then move on to the posture, the motion of the swing the plane, impact position and the finish.

Golf Lesson Packages

  • Individual (Private) One-on-One
  • Golf Clinics (4-8 people) Men, Women and juniors
  • Corporate Golf Clinics
  • Create your own (3-6 people)
  • Advance High School Program
  • Junior (Private) ages 6-15
  • Junior Golf Camps held during summer months (6-8 children)

You can now purchase junior golf equipment thru K P McCarthy by checking out the following web site