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What is going on with GOLF???

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Has golf hit bottom again and what are some factors, TIME, EXPENSIVE, ECONOMIC Factors and Lack of place to Play.

Time: Golf takes about  4.5 to 5 hours to play 18 Holes of Golf, what factors into that the million practices swings that people take on the golf course, playing at the wrong time of the  day, being ready to play when it’s  your turn to play and lastly playing from the  teeing area??

Expensive: Private Golf clubs $50,000 to $ 200,00, Drivers $250.00 to $ 500.00, irons $800.00 to 1,200.00, Putters $150.00 to $350.00, lastly taking a caddy if required???

Lack of Places to Play: I have just learned that on average 1,100 golf courses close every year

Economic Factors: People losing there jobs and maybe having to take lesser paying jobs?? Can’t find a new job after 6 months, To many credit card bills over just on extending on everything, lastly the world economic picture??? Now I can agree some of this put not all, family is important but golf is a sport that everyone play at some point together. Is golf expensive yes it is but what sport is not Skiing has to be going to Vermont, Colorado or Utah, kids travel teams or just taking a vacation. Are golf courses just to long for people to play and this a factor to which they are closing at alarming rates??? Have we just started to spend to much time on computers and cell phones. Is there any real answer or this just a cycle thing to where when things turn around then golf will take off again.

How Many Wedges Should I Have????

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

For the past couple of weeks (2) people have been interested in getting NEW wedges, so my 1st question is how much golf they play and what they shoot. Then I ask what type of DIVOT they take. Yes I said what type of DIVOT, if you take a small tight one you want 10 DEGREES of BOUNCE. But if your DEEP and LONG with your Divot you want about 14 Degrees of Bounce. Know back to my opening remarks, most golfers have carry 3 wedges when they are playing this includes a PITCHING WEDGE, Sand wedge and Lob Wedge. Now take a TOUR Player like Phil Mickelson he carries a 4th which is a 64 Degree Wedge. So start with the score you shoot, for example if you shoot about 100 then I would say you need (3) wedges and they should be a 52 degree GAP Wedge, 56  degree Sand Wedge and 60 degree Lob Wedge. Now if you belong to a Private or Semi Private get together with your golf professional staff and find out what you need in your golf bag.


Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

As I sit here and watch all the miserable weather through out the US, could not think about playing golf in the RAIN or caddying for those who are playing. First, you need to have a positive attitude. Second, you want to have Rain gloves if not 3 extra dry gloves, next put the rain cover that the companies supply you in your golf bag. When I was caddying in Florida would get 2 extra towels, one in the golf bag and the other the GOLF Umbrella. Make sure that you have a rain suit packed away in your golf bag as well and remember that everyone who is playing has to play in it to.


Friday, April 11th, 2014

Hello, hope that everyone has had a chance to hit golf balls or play a couple of rounds after a very cold winter. Here in New Jersey the PGA section just had there Spring meeting and educational seminar. One of our guest speakers was MIKE BREED of golf channel “THE FIX”, the big part of his lecture was on PUTTING. Now if you have read my articles in the past I usually begin my blogs on the SHORT GAME and putting is one of the subject matters. He talked about different matters in terms of this subject like how people go hit balls when they show up to the course then throw 5 balls on the putting green with 2 minutes left then go play. When showing up on the driving range people run off to hit balls and do the same thing on the course then set aside only 15 minutes on PUTTING. Mike also touched on the length of PUTTERS which on the PGA TOUR is 34 1/4 inches long for BLADE or ROUNDED ones. My PUTTER is 33 3/4 inches long and yes I have been fitted for mine, 35 inches is called a BAG Length so that putters stand out of the golf bag. So if you what to improve a little in golf this season, get the right length PUTTER, spend like 45 minutes on your PUTTING, the PUTTER is the most important golf club in golf bag, you use at least 18 times.