When Do You think the Golf Season Begins????

For many golfers the golf season really never comes to an end especially for those who live in a warm climate of the world. For others it maybe watching the Golf Channel and the 1st PGA Tour event of the season or it could be watching the Masters on CBS.

Though things have changed in the past 6 years with golf equipment companies launching there equipment mostly during the Fall it is NOW the Golf season begins. If you never  been to it or seen it on the GOLF CHANNEL the PGA of America holds there annual PGA Show in Orlando, Florida. Even this event has changed a bit, it use to begin on a Wednesday and end on a Saturday. Now the event begins on a Tuesday with the outdoor Demo Day where club pros and general public have a chance to hit ALL the Top Notch golf equipment. While at Demo Day there those  who also have a chance to get fitted for there golf equipment just like a PGA/ LPGA Tour Player. So when do you think the golf season begins for you?? Would love to here your response to this question enjoy the beginning of the 2015 season.

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