Can You Improve By Doing Things Inside ??????

The winter has approached for those whom live in Upper West Coast, Midwest and East Coast that means the golf season has come to  a close. For many that means assessing what our golf season was like and how we can start improving. Well what does that mean, there golf grip was wrong, stand incorrect to the golf ball ( POSTURE), transfer you weight over toward your LEADS FOOT or Leg more or taking the Golf Club back incorrectly. So what can I do, if you belong to a gym near the house you can 2 to 4 lbs weighted ball and feel like you are throwing against the wall. Buy a formed grip and have it installed on a OLD Club, lastly if you have a mirror somewhere in the house, STAND TALL the flex your Knees over your Shoe laces. From there you want to feel that you are sticking your BUTT or pushing it pass your HEELS. Of course the best way is to get with a PGA Pro whom works at a indoor/ outdoor facility an begin with lessons.

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